Privacy Statement

At Eastside Commercial Bank, we understand that your privacy is important, and we are committed to protecting the confidential personal information that you have entrusted to us. The steps we take to protect consumer information are described below:


  1. We collect and retain only information that is reasonably necessary or useful.

a. In general, Eastside Commercial Bank will collect and retain information about you only if we are legally permitted to do so and if we reasonably believe it will be necessary for security purposes or useful in reviewing, handling, or collecting your account, completing transactions, or otherwise serving you.

We collect and retain information primarily from three sources – directly from you and/or your application(s) for products or services, from credit bureaus and other consumer reporting agencies, and from your transactions with us.

We do not knowingly collect or solicit data from children under 13, and we do not knowingly market to children.

b. When you browse our website, we do not capture your email address or other information about you unless you decide to transmit it to us in connection with correspondence or a transaction. Some Eastside Commercial Bank website pages, like those of many other commercial websites, may use a technology called “cookies” to provide you with tailored information from the website. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. Cookies help a website to “remember” you as a previous visitor and can enhance your use of a website by saving your passwords, purchases, and preferences while you are at the site. A cookie does not retrieve any personal data from your hard drive, carry computer viruses, or capture your e-mail address. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.

  1. We limit and control the sharing of customer information.

We don’t share personal information or consumer reports with unrelated companies for any purpose other than verification, and we don’t share, rent, or sell personal information with any unrelated companies for their independent use. However, Eastside Commercial Bank shares limited information in certain situations where we control or oversee its use as described below.

a. Unrelated companies. Eastside Commercial Bank occasionally shares limited customer information with companies we hire to provide operational, marketing, or advertising support, companies that help us distribute our products and services, or companies that provide products and services we want to offer. The companies we choose must satisfy our security and privacy requirements. We share your information with these companies only if they agree to treat it confidentially and only if it is legally permissible to do so. We limit the information we provide these companies to what we reasonably believe they need to know in connection with their agreement with Eastside Commercial Bank, and we don’t permit them to use our customer information for any purposes outside our oversight or control.

b. Credit bureaus and other companies. We exchange certain information about our customers with reputable consumer reporting agencies, and we may share transaction information with companies that request verification of the existence and condition of accounts. We follow standard banking industry practice and applicable laws, and we limit the information we provide to what is necessary to accurately represent your relationship with us.

c. Government authorities and litigation. Sometimes a law, court order, or other judicial or administrative process requires us to provide information to a government authority or party to a private lawsuit. We will provide the information that we in good faith believe is required to comply with the law, order, or other process. We may also have to disclose certain information in court documents if we have to bring an action against you, for example, to collect a debt you owe us.

If unscrupulous parties obtain certain information, such as your social security number and account numbers, they could misappropriate your identity or defraud you. We recognize this type of information requires heightened security, and we don’t allow unrelated third parties to have it except to ensure the accuracy of data we provide or receive (for example, it’s necessary to provide your social security number to a credit bureau to ensure information is accurately reported in your credit file). When we must share this information with unrelated parties, we do so only under written agreements ensuring appropriate security.

We hold our employees responsible for our privacy principles. We allow employees access to customer information only when reasonable or necessary for them to perform their jobs, and we inform all employees with such access of their responsibility to keep information confidential and to use it properly. Employees who improperly access, disclose or misuse information are subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

We have established security procedures to guard against unauthorized access to our customer records by unrelated third parties. These procedures are tailored for each situation and type of record. We disclose your customer information only after verifying the customer’s identity, and only to authorized account holders.

We will not use or allow others to use our customer information except to offer customers products or services we believe to be of interest to them. While we believe our practices safeguard information about you and protect you from unwanted communications, we understand you may want to further limit our sharing and use of information.

If you discover that we’ve provided a credit bureau or other consumer reporting agency with inaccurate information, please contact us. If we discover, on our own or after notice from you, that we supplied inaccurate or incomplete information, we’ll promptly inform the credit bureau or consumer reporting agency of the error and won’t report the inaccurate information again. When you notify us that you dispute the accuracy of information we are providing to a credit bureau, we won’t continue to supply the information unless we also tell the credit bureau the information is disputed. If a credit bureau informs us that you dispute information reported, we’ll investigate the matter and report the results to the credit bureau within the time required by law.

You can contact us via email, as well as by U.S. mail, phone, or a visit to our offices. When you send us email, please limit it to general questions or requests for bank literature. We preserve e-mail to meet legal requirements and to efficiently handle any follow-up questions you may have. Please note, however, that WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF EMAIL. USE OF EMAIL FOR CONFIDENTIAL OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION IS DISCOURAGED.

This Consumer Privacy Statement reflects the principles and practices of Eastside Commercial Bank and its subsidiaries as of December, 2000 and is subject to change. To learn about changes to this Consumer Privacy Statement, check this page periodically on our website.